The Myth Of Koi

Strength and Perseverance

The mythology of koi is most readily found in Japan where there exists a story of a koi who decided to swim upstream to attain enlightenment, the most noble of endeavors. As the koi travelled on its journey, moving against the current, it encountered many seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In turn it overcame each one, growing stronger and more sure of it’s journey. Despite the unrelenting pull of the river downstream, the koi struggled onward and upward eventually cresting a mighty waterfall and was transformed into a flying dragon, free from the bondage of the relentless river. This mythological story, like most mythological stories, serves as a fitting metaphor for the human journey through the river of life. Enlightenment and transformation are available and attainable; what is required of us is the choice to undertake the journey and the persistence to continue despite the obstacles.

My Association With Koi

For years, like many, I have been inexplicably attracted to Koi. I have longed and dreamed of a koi pond at my home and have often visited koi ponds on my travels. I never pass up a chance to quietly gaze into the calming waters of a koi pond and feel my soul calm with a knowing that all is as it should be. Perhaps it’s my interest in Zen, perhaps it’s my attraction to the coloring of the fish, perhaps I’m transported back to my wonderful travels through Japan. Whatever the reason, I love koi. When I began my practice I searched for a name that would represent what I do while also maintaining a connection to that place of calmness and centeredness deep within me. When I began to research animal symbolism I came across the myth of koi and knew instantly why I had been so attracted to them. I relate to and respect the qualities of strength and perseverance in this human journey.

I have therefore decided to name my practice Koi Pond Counseling; to signify the journey; to recreate that sense of internal calm and centeredness we all have felt at one time but may be evading us currently; and to call on those qualities that strength and perseverance we all need at times that can be found in a beautiful fish destined to be a dragon flying free.

I hope to meet you on this journey.                                                                                       ~Brian