For Massage Therapists

  • Ethics Continuing Education Classes -(2012 dates to be determined)
  • Professional Supervision After initial training in massage school, many massage therapists find themselves in business without much guidance or support. Professional supervision can be helpful in providing support for difficult cases, challenging clients, and confusing boundary issues. The goals of professional supervision are to support the professional nature of massage therapy; support your professional goals; examine the interpersonal dynamics of challenging clients; become more aware of counter-transferential dynamics of your client-therapist relationships; provide support for good decision making with regard to your massage practice and relationships with your clients; help work through personal issues that might interfere with your massage practice. I offer professional supervision to massage therapists at an affordable rate. I invite you to contact me if you would like to schedule a session or if you are being challenged in your practice by the following, or other scenarios:
  • You have difficulty saying no to scheduling a client despite the strain on your body, your energy, or your family.
  • You feel like you don’t deserve to charge what would you like.
  • You are having sexual and/or romantic feelings for a client.
  • You have questions regarding your scope of practice and what is allowed under your licensure.
  • You would like more communication and relationship skills to more competently manage your clientele.
  • You are beginning to feel burned out by massage and are unclear why.
  • Case Consultation