Welcome to Koi Pond Counseling;                                                                                         Helping people live the lives they had imagined.

As we travel through the journey of life we inevitably run into obstacles that challenge our coping skills, our way of life, and even our spiritual faith. Hurdles such as loss of focus, loss of relationships, grief, stress, addictions, past and current trauma, depression, and anxiety can seriously challenge our ability to live the life we had imagined; sometimes we even lose our way and direction.

Here at Koi Pond Counseling my goal is to help people live the lives they had imagined;

  • to heal past wounds
  • to manage and overcome addictions
  • to develop skills useful to everyday living
  • to have better relationships
  • to develop healthy self-esteem
  • to manage problems gambling
  • to regain focus and vitality
  • to live their lives creatively
  • to live a life with meaning
  • to live a life worth living

I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to browse this site and contact me when you are ready.